Natural Resources Law

Your natural resource goals within range.
As long-time residents of Northwest Colorado, we place the highest priority on the natural beauty and resources of our community. That’s why it is our practice at Elevation Law Group, P.C. to emphasize fair and sustainable management of natural resources, specifically within the oil and gas industry. We work with you as a landowner or developer to determine what your rights are and how best to utilize them.

Our clients benefit from our experience of negotiating oil and gas leases to develop properties or gain access to private and federal lands. We help landowners negotiate with oil and gas companies. We can also help you navigate Colorado’s complex “prior appropriation doctrine” of water allocation to ensure that you understand and get the most from your rights under this system.

Mineral rights are particularly tricky because they’re often overlooked in wills and living trusts. Many people view mineral rights to their property as only hypothetical, something that doesn’t exist in the paper trail of documents for land going back generations. This fascinating and complex area of law has long been a focus of John Holloway’s law practice. John has been a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen since 1986 and the Denver Association of Professional Landmen since 1984. He has an unparalleled understanding of the challenges of mineral rights in Northwest Colorado, and how they will affect your natural resources project or your rights as a private owner.

We offer experienced legal counsel in the following areas:

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