Our Firm

John P. Holloway, Jr. founded Elevation Law Group, P.C. in 2012. John has practiced law in Northwest Colorado since 1989. He formed Elevation Law Group to offer exceptional legal service to individuals and businesses.

Although our clients often come to us with sticky and unpleasant situations, we strive to create a positive atmosphere and enjoy the lifelong friendships that result.

In addition to being attorneys, we are long-time residents and business owners, privileged to have local insight into the legal matters that our clients face. We know firsthand the history, personalities and local workings of our Northwest Colorado home.

Elevation Law Group provides an unparalleled combination of private practice and in-house experience. We have seasoned perspective on what our clients want and need from their attorneys, and provide honest services without surprises. Our practice areas are broad and range from wills and trusts and business startups to large complex commercial transactions and “General Counsel for Hire” services.

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that effective legal representation includes not only a thorough knowledge of the law, but also a passion for client service and a desire to facilitate business on a cost-effective basis. We know how to communicate effectively, from boots on the ground up to the board room. Our approach is to help our clients quantify and prioritize risks, not merely wave red flags. We are creative in helping our clients close deals on the best terms and implement risk–reward strategies into their operations. We help our clients define their objectives and understand the terms of a deal inside and out so that they are making informed, rational decisions.

At Elevation Law Group, we strive to represent each of our clients with a tailored, individual approach using thoughtful problem-solving and the latest applications of the law. To discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, please call 970.879.4389 or contact us here. We look forward to working with you!