Learn more about how our firm can help you.

Learn more about how our firm can help you.

Welcome to Elevation Law Group

Attorney John P. Holloway, Jr. founded Elevation Law Group, P.C. to help you achieve your goals. Any attorney can tell you what you can’t do if they’re familiar enough with the law. Our aim is to help you protect your position, plan for the future and put you within reach of your objectives.

Your goal may be to protect personal assets or outline your legacy through our Estate Planning & Administration services. You may be an owner or executive looking for legal advice that will help you take your Business to the next level. Or you may need the assistance of a seasoned corporate attorney who can serve as your company’s General Counsel for Hire.

Elevation Law Group serves clients in Northwest Colorado and beyond, offering unmatched experience and service in the Real Estate, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Energy & Power and Construction industries.

If you are searching for attorneys or lawyers with our industry experience, we look forward to learning about your legal needs and goals soon.

Business Law

Whether you are just in the beginning stages of setting up a small business or you are ready to negotiate a large-scale corporate merger, the choice of attorney is crucial. You need someone who will help you navigate pitfalls, instill confidence and security in your business decisions, and help you explore your options Read More

Agriculture Law

We work closely with ranchers, land trusts and ranch subdivisions on a variety of legal issues. From conservation easements to preserving the family ranch through estate planning to simple fence disputes, our firm is committed to assisting and advising our agricultural clients on their many endeavors. Read More

Construction Law

The construction industry is in the midst of major transformation. Owners, contractors and other players are diversifying and expanding into new markets and geographies. This entry into new territory brings with it a slew of unknowns and inevitable growing pains. If you’re in Colorado and you’ve Read More